My priority at Hilaryannedesigns is to offer High-Quality, beautiful charms in a variety of accessories

My Towel Space started out of a necessity to keep the restrooms in my home ORGANIZED.
On any given weekend, we have guests and family visit our little beach home in Morro Bay, CA. Of course, we love all of the company, but the bathroom towel situation can get a little confusing when more than one person is using a restroom and towel space. The idea came to me that if I had a way to identify everyone's towel, it would sure help to keep the bathroom organized, looking nice and cut down on a lot of unnecessary laundry because... let's face it... no one wants to use a towel that they aren't sure is theirs.

I decided that I would find a way to mark the towel bars and towel hangers so everyone would know where each person's towel belonged. Once I had the idea, I had a great time being creative making the My Towel Space because I chose good-quality, beautiful, fun charms. I made sure that the materials that I would use would be rust-resistant and stand up to the moisture of a restroom. You can feel good about purchasing these beads and charms which are mostly made in the USA.

My Towel Space can be as simple as an initial with a charm, or personalized with a name or word. These high-quality identifiers open and close so you can move them around for whomever will be using your restroom. We like keeping them up for our family on an everyday basis and we add GUEST My Towel Space when guests arrive (special guests get their personalized hangup as well).

I am so happy to have come up with a solution to a problem that I think a lot of people have... sharing a restroom. The fun part is: They are so elegant and cute that I like having them in the restroom even when it's not a necessity. I hope that you enjoy them as much as we have.

AFTER responses from customers enjoying my beautiful collection of CHARMS:  I have found different ways to use them: 
     Bangle Bracelets

     Keychains/Backpack Tags
     Wine Glass Charms

Enjoy meandering through my shop...Happy Shopping!!!!

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